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Plus Parcours

Every year, Film Fest Gent invites slightly older film lovers to the Plus Parcours. This film selection challenges with films from all over the world and wants to be a guide in an overwhelming offer. Host is none other than film connoisseur Roel Van Bambost. The afternoon screenings that are part of the programme are always introduced by Roel. After the screening you can enjoy a free drink in the Film Fest Café!

Plus Parcours?

Film Fest Gent gladly helps you select your favourite films from our programme. Via Sections & Tags you can find out which films suit you best. The tag Plus Parcours offers a selection of films especially chosen for an audience of 65+.

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Host Roel Van Bambost

Flemish film expert Roel Van Bambost, who succeeded Jo Röpcke from 1991 to 2010 as film critic for VRT, is looking every year for the best films for our older film fans.

"Every year, programme director Wim De Witte and I look for suitable films for the Plus Parcours. Our search even brings us to the film festivals of Berlin and Cannes, so we can offer you a diverse selection. We do not always go for the easy or popular films, but we also want to introduce you to new genres and exceptional cinema from all over the world. Moreover, we like to bring the maker of the film to Ghent, so he can offer you a wealth of information about the production process of the film.

We hope that our choices will captivate, move and stay with you."

- Roel Van Bambost

Generations on Tour

Do. 13.10.2022 - 13:00-16:00 - Kinepolis

Young and old go to the film together and then enjoy a free drink and a film chat in the Film Fest Café.

Cinema crosses borders, builds bridges and explores unknown territory. Intergenerational film café Generations wants to be the cross-section between the lifeworlds of young and old. First, young and not-so-young people go and see the film Call Jane together. Afterwards, these representatives of two generations can get to know each other in the Film Fest Café. We break the ice with a snack and a drink, and leave the rest to them. The conversationalists will undoubtedly leave with more knowledge, more understanding and more respect for each other.


Do you want to participate to Generations on Tour?

  • Participate as youth?

    Unfortunately, participation is no longer possible; the Generations on Tour is fully booked for young people.

  • Older than 65?

    Registration is possible as of September. The price for those over 65 is 8 euros.

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Call Jane

"Call Jane". This call turned up regularly in the streets of Chicago in the 60s and 70s. Often on flyers and posters that used code language to announce that this mysterious Jane could help with unwanted pregnancies. One of the women who is reached by this call is Joy (Elizabeth Banks). She is a pregnant woman who knows what she wants. Until the doctor tells her that her heart is too weak to bring another baby into the world. It's her life or that of her unborn child.

But she has no choice: abortion is illegal. Luckily, there is still Jane, a collective led by Virginia (Sigourney Weaver) that helps perform safe abortions. Phyllis Nagy, who as screenwriter of Todd Haynes' fifties portrait Carol proved that she has a special sense of place and time, also knows how to draw and dissect the American seventies in her directorial debut.

After successful editions at Sphinx Cinema, GENERATIONS is heading out to FFG2022. A collaboration between Sphinx Cinema, Film Fest Gent & Stad Gent.

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