08 19 Oct '24
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WSA Industry Days - Part II - Music in Games

Edition 2021

13:00 Masterclass: Music and Sound Design in Games

By Alex Otterlei
Alex Otterlei pioneered the art of writing soundtracks for role-playing games, to international acclaim. As a composer and sound designer he worked on games such as Xyanide and the Divinity series from Larian Studios in Ghent. He is currently teaching Sound Design, Foley and Voice Directing for Games, as part of the Audio Major which he helped create at Digital Arts and Entertainment in Kortrijk. In this masterclass, he will delve deeper into the importance of composing music for games, the task of a sound designer in a game studio and what the requirements are to work as a sound designer in the games industry.

14:00 Panel Talk: Rights & Royalties in Game Music

Guests: Wim Coryn (Wild Cherry Consult), Pablo Schwilden Diaz (Demute), Olivier Maeterlinck & David Hutsebaut (Sabam), Alex Otterlei (DAE Howest), Austin Wintory
The arrangement about remuneration and author's rights between game developers and composers is often a point of contention. In this panel talk our guests will examine some current practices and search for a way to improve contract negotiations.

Moderated by Youri Loedts (VAF).

15:30 Composer Talk with Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory’s career has straddled the worlds of concert music, film, and video games. In 2012, his soundtrack for the hit PlayStation3 game Journey became the first-ever Grammy-nominated videogame score, also winning many other awards. Excerpts from the score have been performed all over the world, including by such ensembles as the National Symphony, San Francisco Symphony and Pacific Symphony. His film work includes the Sundance-winning film Captain Abu Raed, along with over 40 other indie features. In this Composer's Talk, Austin Wintory will go through his career as both game and film composer, and will zoom in on his latest video game The Pathless.

Moderated by Alex Otterlei

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