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Whispering Sons x Balm (After Violence)


Post-punk five-piece Whispering Sons ease up on the accelerator a little, teaming up with Brussels filmmaker Heleen Declercq to put on an intimate performance in which image, music and light blend together seamlessly.

Just last July Whispering Sons gave a smashing performance at Boomtown, in October transformed new music into a cinematic experience at VIDEODROOM - literally, with the help of filmmaker Heleen Declercq. An exclusive project, as the result was only shown on big screen during VIDEODROOM.

About the band
Belgian five-piece Whispering Sons brings a unique, dark mix of experimental post-punk. The driving instruments, combined with frontwoman Fenne Kuppens' deep voice, create an uneasy feeling - a feeling that has characterized their music since the early years. Thanks to their energetic shows, the band has established a solid live reputation.

For VIDEODROOM, Whispering Sons is taking a bit of a step back, working with Brussels-based director-cinematographer Heleen Declercq to create a performance in which image and music flow seamlessly together.

About the director
Brussels-based director-cinematographer Heleen Declercq focuses on connection. She portrays the sensitivity of those in front of her lens through music and sound - two components that occupy a special place, as evidenced by the videos she has already made for Pregnant Guy, Chibi Ichigo and DVTCH NORRIS. Her work is characterized by a documentary style.