09 20 Oct '24

"The Birth of A Score"

Edition 1997

Few people actually know how a film score comes into existence and how it works. Few people know the difference between film music and an soundtrack or how a composer and a film director work together on music in a film. This concert is intended as an introduction to the birth of a score.

Dirk Brossé, Flanders' best known composer of film music, will demonstrate how a film score is created and how it develops into film music. He will try to reveal the secret behind film music : how does music underline the dramatic structures of a film, how is it that you usually recognise music as film music whenever you hear it and how does a composer write his musical 'story'?

He will give a brief survey of the evolution of music during the first decades of cinema and how established composers such as Milhaud, Saint-Saens, Satie, Chostakovich, Prokofiev, Korngold and Honegger were attracted to film and film music. He then describes how film music developed into a specific musical discipline, and he will contrast European and American film music, illustrated with music by Nino Rota and John Williams.

Next, Dirk Brossé will discuss the music he wrote for "Daens" and he will introduce some of the music he has prepared for Stijn Coninx' latest film "Where is the Light ?"

In the concert's second part, some prominent composers of film music will conduct the orchestra.

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