Edition 2023 Serial Madness
Docs Belgian Cinema Today
Seven people share their journey in a society that does not seem made for their bodies, work, well-being and love lives. Shining examples for a world that - on its way to a future of equality - is still too often failing to find the right answers.
She They Us shines a light on people who, each in their own way, are creating a world more respectful to their bodies, work, well-being and love lives. The episodes each focus on a key aspect from our lives, such as acceptance, protest, legislation. Film Fest Gent plays two episodes in world-premiere: Safety, featuring hyper-popular e-sports journalist Eefje 'Sjokz' Depoortere and Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti, and Parenthood, featuring musician Charlotte Adigéry and rock star of European space travel Angélique Van Ombergen. The first confronts us (and them) with the question of why half the world's population is condemned to live in fear, the latter asks why choosing to be a parent feels like giving up a career.
She They Us follows seven people, among them Hanne Gaby Odiele, Kaouthar Darmoni and Mieke Van Hove, who don’t conform to the privileged 1% and who, each on their own terms, strive for structural change for the remaining 99%.