08 19 Oct '24
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Sectordag VAF @ FFG

Edition 2023
On Friday, October 13th, the Flemish Minister of Culture, the Flemish Minister of Media, the Department of Culture, Youth, and Media, and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), in collaboration with Film Fest Gent, are organizing a sector day for the Flemish audiovisual industry.

The Göteborg Film Festival, Johanna Koljonen, and the annual Nostradamus report - what is all the fuss about? Media analyst Koljonen has been documenting global trends and changes in the audiovisual industry for ten years, predicting what the future may hold. The Nostradamus report has since proven to be invaluable for the sector. As the keynote speaker, Johanna will present her findings from "Everything Is Changing All At Once." Following that, there will be a debate with experts reflecting on the global presentation and specifically on three items from the report, moderated by Koen Van Bockstal (Director-General of VAF). What challenges, opportunities, and prospects does artificial intelligence bring? How can data and knowledge management be essential tools in guiding creative processes in films, series, and games? What is needed to reach the underserved and uninterested youth (better)?

Register for the Sectordag VAF (only for professionals).

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