08 19 Oct '24
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Robbing Millions & 2F4F: 'Holidays Inside' live

Edition 2021 Videodroom
Might Robbing Millions(aka Lucien Fraipont) be Belgium’s best kept secret? He garnered all the right kinds of attention with his act’s eponymous 2016 album. Then for a while we heard nothing from Camp Fraipont. Now Robbing Millions is back with a new record! ‘Holidays Inside’ sounds like the lovechild of Ariel Pink and Phoenix. And we’re glad to say he’s coming to present this new album live during VIDEODROOM. For VIDEODROOM, Robbing Millions will be accompanied live by the Brussels duo 2Files 4Free, or 2F4F for short. Katia Lecomte Mirsky and Daya Hallé are the driving forces behind this audiovisual label. Their live scenography is a trippy combo of performance, visuals, greenscreen, fantasy and the post-apocalyptic.

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