09 20 Oct '24
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PAARD. x Line of Scrimmage

Edition 2022 Videodroom

PAARD. needs little introduction around these parts. Time and again, this über-energetic Ghent band has gleefully shattered all traditional notions of what jazz should be. That the band’s members don’t believe in pigeonholes is attested to by their many other music projects: Compro Oro, Coely, Death Squad and Kapitan Korsakov.

The plan to create a live soundtrack project emerged following their hilarious, hit livestream show at VIERNULVIER last year. For the new film project ‘Line of Scrimmage’, the band is joining forces with six young (animation) filmmakers.
Inspired by the classic 1968 film Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen, the gents of PAARD. asked each filmmaker to create a short segment with a ‘chase’ theme. Drawing on their own eclectic and unpredictable taste, PAARD. will provide each of the six films with a unique live score.

The short films are by Sarah Yu Zeebroek, William Massy, Kim Pi Lee, Simon & Vincent Lynen, Anton Cla and Alexander Deprez and range from handmade stop-motion, to live action drama, to abstract computer visuals. Expect a humorous screening electrified with high-energy music!

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