09 20 Oct '24
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Naima Joris - O

During VIDEODROOM, singer-songwriter Naima Joris played an improvisational set to images of microscopic plankton by Dutch filmmaker-photographer Jan van IJken.

Van IJken filmed plankton through a number of microscopes, revealing the beauty of these tiny organisms. Phytoplankton are both the main processor of greenhouse gases and the largest primary oxygen producer on Earth. However, these floating microorganisms, on which we thus depend, are threatened by ocean acidification and global warming.

Guided by Van IJken's wondrous images and Naima's fascination with both breathing and water, Naima played a magical improvisational set. The futuristic guitar lines of Vitja Pauwels and the tuneful sounds of Niels Van Heertum's euphonium accompanied her.

The performance has been aptly named O, referring to the circle of life - because without plankton, no life is possible - and to "eau," the French word for water. Be amazed by nature and music!

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