09 20 Oct '24
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Mathilde Fernandez x Promis3

Edition 2022 Videodroom

The versatile artist Mathilde Fernandez started out in the world of performance and visual arts, but proved to have musical talent as well. After two solo EPs (Hyperstition and Final Vegas) and a gig as one half of the duo ascendant vierge (co-founded together with Paul Seul of techno collective Casual Gabberz), the time came for her third EP, Sensible.
On Sensible, more than ever before, Mathilde explores the intimate and personal, delving into a universe full of theatrical pop, unrestrained emotions and sonic landscapes both acoustic and electronic.

Mathilde Fernandez regularly collaborates with other artists, such as Cécile di Giovanni and La Femme. She is known for combining different media: performance art, music, video, theatre, dance, exhibitions, curatorial work – a philosophy that is perfectly illustrated by her EP, Sensible.

Just like cyberpop duo Promis3, she presented an impressive audiovisual show at VIDEODROOM 2022.

The Belgian duo Promis3 have conquered their own corner of the cyberpop world. Their fascinating production, mesmerising visuals and striking aesthetics reflect the special chemistry between band members Andras and Brent. As a duo, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of their familiar yet confrontational visual identity.

While their intense bond emboldens them to write autiobiographical songs, it’s clear that their combined influences are wide-ranging: their repertoire draws on videogames, anime, 2000s trance, dubstep, europop and many more disparate sources.

Promis3 was truly on the rise after receiving positive reviews of their single Future Funeral in the magazines PAPER, METAL, TMRW and Noctis, not to mention the successful release of their beautiful, haunting cover of Euro-pop classic Blue by Eiffel 65.

The duo also releases music themselves through their own label, Simulated Paradise. It’s essentially their own creative agency: they use Stimulated Paradise as a platform to release music and enter into collaborations where the focus is not only on their own work, but also on artwork, concepts, remixes and creative opportunities for other artists.

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