09 20 Oct '24
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GHOST: The 'Mad Max' edition

Edition 2021 Videodroom
In July 2021, GHOST travelled to Italy together with Vooruit for the Santarcangelo performing arts festival. A host of Belgian artists spent a week in the mini-state of Mutonia, just next to Santarcangelo. Mutonia looked straight out of 'Mad Max' (1979), the post-apocalyptic cult film that launched the career of a young Mel Gibson. On location, the travelling artists played two sold-out shows, with performances by ANKKH, Johanna Invrea, Mathijs Steels (SHHT), Lotta Machs, STAKE, BRENNT and Reisac & Jiheavy. Director of photography Jeroen De Wilde and documentary filmmaker Julie Daems created a visual report of the trip and shows.

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