09 20 Oct '24
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Film Fest Gent Talkies

Edition 2023
At the festival you can enjoy our talkshow Film Fest Gent Talkies in the Film Fest Café. Talks are in Dutch, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

FFG Talkies: Holly - Fien Troch
Wed 11.10
With her fifth feature film Holly, Belgian director officially kicks off the 50th edition of Film Fest Gent. In September, Holly competed for the Golden Lion in Venice, where young actress Cathalina Geeraerts was awarded for her performance.

FFG Talkies: Floating With Spirits - Juanita Onzaga
Thu 12.10 - English
Floating With Spirits is the very first VR project in FFG's official selection. Director Juanita Onzaga immerses you in the magic hidden in the natural landscapes of the Mexican Mazatecs.

FFG Talkies: Belgian Animation Shorts
Fri 13.10
Belgium has incredibly skilled animation film directors. Film Fest Gent underlines the country's potential in the animation industry with a short film selection and a conversation with filmmakers who know what it is like to toil for days on a few seconds of film.

FFG Talkies: International Short Film Competition - hosted by Kortfilm.be
Sat 14.10 - English
Online platform Kortfilm.be invites filmmakers competing in the International Short Film Competition in the Film Fest Café, the night before the Short Film Award Ceremony.

FFG Talkies: Here - Bas Devos
Mon 16.10
With Here, Bas Devos casts his patient and human gaze upon a Romanian construction worker strolling through Brussels and its nature. During this Talkies, you learn more about Devos' latest city symphony.

FFG Talkies: Draw for Change
Tue 17.10 - English
During the festival, you can watch two episodes of the series Draw for Change, a combination of documentary and animation that explores themes such as femicide and female representation. The Talkies digs into the struggles of both the illustrators and directors behind the series.

FFG Talkies: Tsar B & Dijf Sanders - Twin Peaks
Wed 18.10
During the festival's closing night (21.10), Tsar B & Dijf Sanders pay homage to composer Angelo Badalamenti and his legendary Twin Peaks soundtrack. Why is the duo so fascinated by the universe created by David Lynch. Come and listen to the Talkies and imagine yourself back in the fictional American town. Guests: Tsar B, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch (programmer VIDEODROOM), Pieter Dom (welcometotwinpeaks.com).

FFG Talkies: Cinephilia & film clubs in Ghent
Thu 19.10
Ghent, film city. In 1973, 'The First International Film Event of Ghent' emerged from the University Film Club. Since then, cinema has continued to buzz in the city. A conversation about the current state of cinephilia.

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