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Film Fest Gent Talkies

Edition 2022
At the festival you can enjoy our talkshow Film Fest Gent Talkies in the Film Fest Café.

12.10 - FFG Talkies: Close (Dutch)
With writer Angelo Tijssens, and producer Michiel Dhont
Hosted by Patrick Duynslaegher

13.10 - FFG Talkies: Book presentation 'Film, een geschiedenis' (Dutch)
With author Kevin Smets, Stijn Coninx, and Nina de Vroome
Hosted by Patrick Duynslaegher

14.10 - FFG Talkies: Filmonderwijs in Vlaanderen (hosted by Sabzian) (Dutch)
With Reinhilde Weyns (RITCS), Robbrecht Desmet (LUCA), and Edwin Carels (KASK)

15.10 - FFG Talkies: International Short Film Competition (hosted by Kortfilm.be) (Dutch)
With Meltse van Coillie, Harm Dens, Isabelle Tollenaere, and Enzo Smits
Hosted by Bo Alfaro Decreton

17.10 - FFG Talkies: 1985 (Dutch)
With writer Willem Wallyn, and Stijn Coninx
Hosted by Jan Lippens

18.10 - FFG Talkies: Echo (Dutch)
With Ruben Desiere
Hosted by Ben Van Alboom

19.10 - FFG Talkies: Dreaming Walls (English)
With director Amélie van Elmbt, and director Maya Duverdier
Hosted by Ben van Alboom

20.10 - FFG Talkies: Music@FFG (Dutch)
With Peter Verlinden, Walter Hus, Dirk Brossé, and Frank Jochemsen (678 records)
Hosted by Robin Broos