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Film Fest Gent Talkies

Edition 2021
At the festival you can enjoy our talkshow Film Fest Ghent Talkies in the Film Fest Café.

13.10 - FFG Talkies: Why We Fight
Violence and aggression are human. Mirjam Devriendt & Alain Platel (Why We Fight?) and Ismail ‘Cool’ Abdoul & Marjan Gryson of vzw Touché go into the question of how we can deal with our frustrations.

14.10 - FFG Talkies: Gent Filmstad & Cinema Belgica
Lies Van de Vijver (UGent), Guy Dupont (Archief Gent), Roel Vande Winkel (KU Leuven & LUCA School of Arts) - authors of Gent Filmstad - and Daniël Biltereyst (UGent and in the steering group of Cinema Belgica) talk about their respective projects.

15.10 - FFG Talkies: Filmkritiek vandaag
Flanders is getting two new film magazines. Humbug and Fantomas both launch their first issues at FFG2021. The perfect opportunity to get them together and talk about their projects with you, with each other and with Ronald Rovers of the Dutch magazine Filmkrant.

16.10 - FFG Talkies: Kortfilm.be & Belgische kortfilmmakers
Online magazine Kortfilm.be invites Belgian directors Olga Lucovnicova (My Uncle Tudor), Magali Coremans (Traverser) and Anthony Schatteman (L’homme inconnu), who are selected for the International Short Film Competition.

18.10 - FFG Talkies: Anke Brouwers - Mooi zijn en zwijgen
Anke Brouwers presents her book Mooi zijn en zwijgen, about the American silent film era and its most remarkable women.

19.10 - FFG Talkies: Four Seasons in a Day - Annabel Verbeke & Pieter-Jan Claessens
Belgian filmmaker Annabel Verbeke explores and observes - in her documentary Four Seasons in a Day - the human aspect of the invisible border between the UK and Ireland. Together with DoP Pieter-Jan Claessens, she talks about the creative process behind the documentary.

20.10 - FFG Talkies: Harry Kümel - Daughters of Darkness
Fifty years after its release, Harry Kümel's sensual vampire movie Daughters of Darkness is a true cult movie loved by film lovers and cinephiles. Patrick Duynslaegher talks to the director about his career, and this film in particular.

21.10 - FFG Talkies: Ben Segers - DealerJeroen Perceval makes his directing debut with Dealer and chose Ben Segers in a lead role as a famous actor who builds a friendship with a fourteen year-old drug runner. Segers talks about his part in the film.