09 20 Oct '24

"Endless Scenes of Endless Dreams - Take III: Pillow Fight"

Edition 1995

In the former theatre Savoy situated in the Korte Dagsteeg a real work of film art will be exhibited. is an installation by Jean-Pierre Temmerman. It is an imaginary reconstruction based on a film by the Lumière brothers, "Pillow Fight" (cat. 960) paying homage to the film pioneers. The work is created out of his fascination for contrasts, i.e. sculpture and movement, fiction and reality, colour and black & white. It is a tribute to film ast the ultimate means of escape from time. This work of art is also embedded in a real piece of Ghent cinema history, viz. the Savoy theatre situated in an old chapel in the middle of town and will be surrounded by old film posters and compilations by the Lumière brothers. The exhibition can be visited from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (Korte Dagsteeg 12). Entrance free.

A Sunny Productions presentation. The project is supported by Sony Belgium, LUKK VIDEO, Rank Xerox, Bouwonderneming Maes, Lano Tapijten. The building: by courtesy of the Ghent Wellfare Office. BELGIAN FILM POSTERS FROM THE FIFTIES AND SIXTIES, selected by Robbe De Hert and Rik Stallaerts are exhibited the occasion of the publication of "Coming to this theatre soon", chronicle of Belgian film posters, compiled by Rik Stallaerts and Robbe De Hert. A Ludion publication supported by Kinepolis, ASLK and Europe/ Media.

Project and production executives: Jean-Pierte Temmerman, artist/Els Derycke, architect-scenographer/ Hans Luyten, design/ Stavit Mor, interior decorator Technical assistance: Vincent Nullens, productdeveloper / Frank van de Sype, product developer/Mr. Slich, director / Mr. De Clercq calicot painter Final coordination: Flanders International Film Festival Thanks to Ghent Wellfare Office(building), Electrabel, ao. In close collaboration with the Flanders International Film Festival the Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent organizes an exhibition of drawings and scale-models of Jean-Pierre Temmerman at the Shopping Centre Gent Zuid (Woodrow Wilsonplein 4). This exhibition is closely connected to the "Endless Scenes of Endless Dreams- Take III project at the old Savoy cinema. Open: from September 30th to October 20th, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm. For further information, contact 09 222 00 33.

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