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Dag van het Filmberoep - Deel 2

Edition 2021

The annual ‘Dag van het Filmberoep’ is an important gathering of professionals from the film industry. During the day, various topics will be discussed and you will find out what is brewing in the Flemish film landscape.

The midday programme starts at the Film Fest Café where Humbug and Fantômas - two brand new film magazines - launch their very first print issue. A perfect moment to discuss the state of film criticism in Flanders with, among others Ronald Rovers, the editor-in-chief of the Dutch magazine Filmkrant.

In the afternoon, Film Fest Ghent organises in collaboration with the Unie van Regisseurs two roundtable discussions. In the Directors Roundtable, five Flemish fiction directors discuss their experiences working abroad. The guests are: Hans Herbots (The Serpent, Riviera...), Jan Matthys (Vikings, Before We Die,...), Gilles Coulier (War of the Worlds,...), Cecilia Verheyden (Ferry, Undercover...) and Teodora Ana Mihai (La Civil...).

Subsequently, there will be a panel discussion with some important key players from the audiovisual sector: broadcasters, streamers, media players, funds, distributors and producers. With among others, VAF, VRT, SBS, Streamz, KFD and VOFTP... The guests will focus on the foloowing questions: How do these key players see our Flemish film sector evolving within a globalizing audiovisual sector? What is the place and future of local, author-driven productions, films and series?

Lieven Trio will be the moderator for the afternoon programme.


13:00 Film Fest Ghent Talkie: Film Critic today in Flanders

With Johannes De Breuker (Humbug), Bart Versteirt (Fantômas), Ronald Rovers (Filmkrant) and Patrick Duynslaegher (moderator)

14:30 Directors Roundtable

In partnership with Unie van Regisseurs, VAF, Sabam en deAuteurs
Panel discussion with Flemish fiction directors who share their experiences working abroad.
Sprekers: Teodora Ana Mihai, Cecilia Verheyden, Gilles Coulier, Jan Matthys en Hans Herbots
Moderator: Lieven Trio

16:30 Industry Closing Debate

In partnership with Unie van Regisseurs
Key players in the audiovisual sector investigate the future of local, author-driven film productions and series in a globalizing audiovisual sector.
Met o.a.: Ricus Jansegers (VRT), Annick Bongers (SBS), Peter Vindevogel (Streamz), Koen Van Bockstal (VAF), Hans Van Acker (KFD) en An Jacobs (VOFTP).
Update sprekers wordt vervolgd.
Moderator: Lieven Trio

18:00 Closing words Koen Van Bockstal

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