09 20 Oct '24

Dag van de Belgische film (Belgian Film Day)

During the Belgian Film Day three prominent Belgian directors will lecture on experiences acquired during their latest productions.
At 2.30 pm Raoul Servais will elaborate on the use of computer animation during the production process of TAXANDRIA that took him 10 years. He will use film excerpts to illustrate his lecture.
Gérard Corbiau will be the second speaker. At 3.30 pm he will unravel the hightech secrets used for the soundtrack of his film FARINELLI, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. On the soundtrack two voices (a soprano and a counter tenor) were digitally merged into a "real" castrato voice.
Jan Verheyen, jack-of-all-trades of Belgian film, is the third speaker. He is not only distributor but also producer, director, exhibitor and critic. At 4.30 pm he will elaborate on his experiences in Hollywood producing the thriller THE LITTLE DEATH which will be released in Belgian theatres in November.
These three lectures will be held at a location which will be communicated later. Free entrance. For further information, please contact 09 225 19 90.

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