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Volunteering at Film Fest Gent

Each year Film Fest Gent relies on a large and diverse team of enthusiastic volunteers for the realisation of the festival. The volunteers are responsible for giving our audience a warm welcome at the different festival locations, they help with the organisation of events, the promotion, the ticketing, and they guide our international film guests wherever necessary.

Want to help? Apply now to be a volunteer at Film Fest Gent 2022! After clicking the link you'll have to log in or register on MyFFG (when you haven't already). In this online environment, you can follow up and monitor everything with regards to your volunteer work at FFG.

What do you need to know as a volunteer?

  • How and when can I apply as a volunteer?

    You can apply by filling out the application form. You can find it on your MyFFG account. If you don't have an account yet, you will first have to register.

    Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of background or beliefs. You do have to be 18 or older. If this is your first time applying, you will be asked to send us a short statement about yourself. Between April and July, we will invite you for an introductory meeting.

  • What do we expect from you?

    As a volunteer you represent the festival and you serve as a point of contact for our visitors. We expect a commitment of a fixed number of shifts. The biggest part of your work will be concentrated during the festival period. Depending on your function, it's possible that you will be scheduled before or after the festival as well.

  • How are tasks and shifts divided?

    Upon registering you can indicate your preferred positions. Based on this selection, we will invite you to fill out our shift picker in September. Here, you will choose a number of shifts and communicate your availability. The remaining shifts will be handed out by the festival team based on everyone's availability.

  • Is there compensation for my accommodation and transport?

    As a volunteer you are responsible for your own accomodation and transport. Travel and accommodation costs cannot be reimbursed by the festival. Expenses made in the context of your assignment will be reimbursed.

  • What can you expect from us?

    You experience the festival on the front row, before and behind the scenes. We are extremely grateful for your commitment. Undoubtedly, you'll feel satisfaction in bringing films and stories from all over the world to our audience.

    In exchange for your voluntary, you will receive an accreditation pass that grants you full access to all film screenings outside your working hours, as long as there are seats left at the start of the screening. To receive this accreditation, we expect a commitment of at least 7 shifts (approximately a total of 30 hours). You will also receive a Film Fest Gent T-shirt. Naturally, you will be signing a volunteer agreement (unpaid), which makes sure you are insured.

  • And during the rest of the year?

    Through the year, Film Fest Gent also organises activities with, by and for volunteers. You can stay up to date about these activities by subscribing to our newsletter for volunteers or joining our Facebook community.

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Room and ticket control

From the moment our audience enters the cinema, you make sure their festival visit runs smoothly and will stay with them in a positive way. You check the visitors' tickets and accreditations, with a scanner or visually. You also make sure our audience is guided to the correct screening room. In part you are responsible for making sure the films start on time. You check if the doors are closed and keep an eye out for any possible problems. After the screening you encourage the audience to vote for the North Sea Port Audience Award.
Your qualities: you are social, client-friendly and efficient.
Working times: 11 - 22 October • During the day or in the evening • in shifts (You get your schedule in September)

Cash Register

You are responsible for the evening ticket sale at one of our festival locations: Kinepolis, Sphinx Cinema or Studio Skoop. You make sure our visitors get a warm welcome, you answer all their questions about the festival and the screenings, and you hand over tickets correctly. Before the start of the festival, you will receive a the necessary training.
Your qualities: you easily pick up new software. You are friendly, helpful and resistant to stress.
Working hours: 11 - 22 October • 1 training + min. 4 shifts at the cash register (approx. 4h each, between tussen 19:00 en 23:00). You get your schedule in September.

Kinepolis Reception

A visitor feels lost in the packed FFG programme? You know the way! At your reception desk at the entrance of Kinepolis, you make sure guests, the audience and other volunteers are welcomed in a friendly and efficient manner. You are the first point of contact for information and help visitors with practical problems, such as lost tickets and objects.
Your qualities: you easily pick up new software. You are friendly, can adopt a professional attitude and are helpful.
Working hours: 11- 22 October • 1 training + min. 4 shifts at reception desk (approx. 4h each, during the day and in the evening) • You get your schedule in September.

Press & Industry desk

In the Press & Industry Office at Kinepolis, you work at the information & ticket desk for press and film professionals. After a thorough briefing from the P&I staff, you ensure accreditatiion passes and guest tickets are handed out smoothly.
Your qualities: you easily pick up new software. You are friendly, you can act professionally, you are helpful and resistant to stress.
Working hours: 11 - 22 oktober • 1 training + min. 4 shifts at the P&I desk (approx. 4h each, in the morning or afternoon)• You get your schedule in September.

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Reception Office Film Fest Ghent

At the reception desk of the Film Fest Ghent office, you support the FFG team with all kinds of administrative tasks such as answering and fowarding emails, answering the phone, and receiving/distributing mail.
Your qualities: you have strong communication skills, both on the phone and via email. You speak Dutch and English and are an administrative jack-of-all-trades.
Working hours: 12 September - 22 October • weekdays (morning or afternoon) and weekends during the festival • min. 4 shifts of approx. 4h. You get your schedule in August.

"Flying" Volunteer

The "flying" volunteer supports the FFG team in the practical preparation of the film screenings and special events for schools, professionals or the general audience. You jump in where volunteers are needed (for instance because of unexpected absences) or in areas where there is suddenly an unexpected rush (bar, box office, ...).
Your qualities: you like to roll up your sleeves. You are a real team player and not afraid of any form of work.
Working hours: 1 - 22 October • min. 8 shifts: 4 days of 8h hours (divided over day and evening)• You get your schedule at the end of September.

Promotion team

As a promotional assistant you make sure that all campaign material is distributed smoothly in the city and beyond. You convince merchants as well as hotel and restaurant owners to help spread the word about Film Fest Ghent. We will take you along to the annual culture market in Ghent.
Your qualities: you like to be on the road. Manual tasks don't scare you and you can motivate others.
Werktijden: You can de deployed from June to October, with a peak in September. Both day and evening work are possible.

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