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Frequently Asked Questions
Film Fest Gent

10 > 20 Oct 2017

Frequent questions

When will the programme be announced?

The complete programme of the 44th edition of Film Fest Gent will be announced on this website and in our Knack Focus official programme guide on 21 September 2017. Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for any programme updates on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

When do tickets go on sale?

The complete programme will be announced on 21 September 2017. This day also marks the start of our online ticket sale. More information about the ticket sale will be available from mid-August onwards.

General Info

When does the next edition of the film festival run?
When will the programme be announced?
How can I keep up to date with any festival news?
Where can I find information about the ticket sale and ticket prices?

Ticket Sale

When do tickets go on sale?
Where can I buy tickets?
I would rather not buy tickets online. Where can I find box offices to buy tickets at?
What discount options do you offer?
Are there group concessions?
What is a multiple ticket pack?
Can I use my Multiple Ticket Pack or Voucher for all films and events?
Can I use last year's voucher for this edition of Film Fest Gent?
Can I return or exchange my tickets?
Are there any (free) activities for which I don't need a ticket?

Practical Info

Where does the festival take place?
How do I get to Ghent?
Where can I pick up a programme guide?
Which locations have wheelchair access?
What and where is the Festival square?
Where is festival café Cafellini?


Where can I find a PDF of the programme booklet?
How are films subtitled?
Where can I find the latest updates on programme changes?
I hold a ticket for a cancelled screening. Now what?
I see *** next to my film of choice. What does this mean?
What films are suitable for children?
What is a trail?

Film Fest Friends

What or who are Film Fest Friends?
How can I become a Film Fest Friend?

World Soundtrack Awards

What is the World Soundtrack Awards?
When does the next edition of the World Soundtrack Awards take place?

Press & Industry

I'm a film-maker and would like to enter my film. Where can I find more information?
I'm a journalist and would like to receive information about press accreditation.


I would like to help at the festival. Is that possible?
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