Accreditations for students

Starting September 16, film students wishing to attend the festival (Oct. 8-20) can apply for an accreditation through their personal MyFFG profile on our website. The deadline for the accreditation application is Oct. 4, 2024.


25 euros

As a film and film music student of KASK, LUCA School of Arts C-mine, LUCA School of Arts Narafi, LUCA School of Arts Sint-Lukas, RITCS or ARTS2 Mons, you can apply for an accreditation for Film Fest Gent.

This accreditation grants you access to:

  • the press previews from Tuesday, October 8 to Saturday, October 19, based on availability
  • a small selection of public performances, based on availability. We will announce the selection just before the start and during the festival. One day before the start of the screening, you can reserve one free ticket per film online through MyFFG or at P&I Office.
  • the Press & Industry Office at Kinepolis
  • the online VOD library with a selection of festival films
  • the press & industry events such as the film and film music master classes and panels

You can apply for your accreditation via MyFFG from September 16.

As soon as your application is approved, you will receive a voucher that will allow you to pick up your accreditation from October 8, 2024 at the Press & Industry Office, open from 8:30 to 19:00 at Kinepolis Gent (Ter Platen 12).