10 21 oct '23
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Sustainable festival visit

Film Fest Gent organises a ten-day festival and is aware of its ecological and social impact. We show around 150 films during more than 400 screenings, we invite film talent from all over the world to Ghent and we gather an international audience. The organisation of the festival inevitably generates CO2 emissions. Today, we are already making efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and increase our social impact. And we strive for more. Are you with us?


  • Leave the car at home
    • Plan your trip and travel on foot, by bike or public transport. Use the route planners of De Lijn or NMBS.
    • (!) The parking at Kinepolis is not accessible during the festival.
  • Limit your waste and recycle with us
    • There is no need to print your tickets. Download them on your phone if possible.
    • Sort your waste at all locations: paper, PMD and residual waste.
    • Discover our programme digitally and only take the brochures you need.
  • Enjoy a greener Film Fest Café

    The Film Fest Café is the beating heart of the festival. This year we strive to make your café visit more sustainable with:

    • a menu with local, sustainable products
    • low-waste products
    • furniture made of circular material in cooperation with Levi Party Rental, Lucky Tree and Kozo
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Rent/share a bike for FFG!

With a Donkey Republic bike you can easily travel between festival locations. During the festival you get a 30 minute free ride with the promotion code FILMFEST23. You can find the bikes at every festival location, train station and other places in Ghent.

Film Fest Gent is a member of Greentrack, the think and do tank of the Ghentian cultural sector that builds a more sustainable future by exchange and experiment.

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