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News 01 Aug 2022
Are you working on a film project, but still looking for a composer? 3rd Character will make the introduction! This initiative facilitates meetings between film music composers and duos of directors & producers who are working on a project without a composer attached. This year, the meetings will take place at FIFF Namur.
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Film Fest Gent is looking for Flemish film projects for the 3rd Character initiative, which was developed by Music&Cinema Marseille en SACEM. For the Belgian side of this initiative, we're working closely with FIFF Namur and are organising these meetings yearly either in Ghent or in Namur. Thanks to this initiative, film projects can find a composer and receive support for the score from SABAM and SACEM. The deadline to send in your project and take part in 3rd Character is 30 August. The meetings will take place in Namur on Monday 3 October.

Practical information

  • Conditions for the film projects
    • short or feature film
    • fiction or documentary
    • received financial support (by VAF) and confirmed to be produced
    • not yet filming
    • no composer is attached
  • Materials (in English or French)
    • screenplay and marked excerpts for which you'd like to receive music (or just specific excerpts if the screenplay wasn't translated into English or French)
    • guidelines about the expectations for the score
    • technical information about the film
    • resumé (bio & photo) and contact information of the director and the production company
  • Deadlines
    • 15 August: application for the project
    • 30 August: submission of the materials
    • September: composer will receive the screenplay and the guidelines
    • 3 October: the meetings take place in Namur, where the composer will present his demos which are written especially for your project

Do you have any questions or do you want to participate?

Get in touch with Sophie Joos, responsible for all Film Music Events at Film Fest Ghent.

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Sophie Joos

Music Projects Coordinator