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Grab your camera and rush to the red carpet at the Kinepolis: you might just run into your favourite celebrity! Every day during Film Fest Gent, a multitude of stars grace our red carpet. Below you can find a complete list of all the VIPs scheduled to appear throughout the duration of the festival.

Tuesday, October 8:

-19:00 red carpet opening film 'Les Misérables' - Alexis Manenti (actor), Almamy Kanouté (actor), Al-Hassan Ly (actor) en Issa Perica (actor)

Wednesday, October 9:

-19:00 red carpet ‘Muidhond’ - Patrice Toye (director), Tijmen Govaerts (actor), Julia Brown (actress), Ina Geerts (actress), Line Pillet (actress), Peter Seynaeve (actress), Antonino Lombardo (producer), John Parish (composer), Inge Schilperoord (author)

-19:20 red carpet ‘Luce’ - Julius Onah (director)

-19:25 red carpet ‘Monos’ - Alejandro Landes (director)

-19:35 meet the internationale jury - Joachim Lafosse (director), Midge Costin (sound editor), Guy Lodge (journalist), Radu Jude (director), Fiorella Moretti (producer), Dora Bouchoucha Fourati (producer)

-19:45 red carpet ‘The Farewell’ - Lulu Wang (director)

Thursday, October 10:

-19:05 red carpet 'J’ai perdu mon corps’ - Jérémy Clapin (director)

-19:30 red carpet ‘Knives Out’ - Rian Johnson (director)

-21:15 red carpet ‘La Llorona’ - Jayro Bustamante (director)

Friday, October 11:

-19:20 red carpet 'Never Grow Old' - Ivan Kavanagh (director), Sam Louwyck (actor), Camille Pistone (actress), Manon Capelle (actress), Anne Coesens (actress), Marina Festré (producer)

-19:35 red carpet ‘All of Us’ - Willem Wallyn (director), Maaike Neuville (actress), Barbara Sarafian (actress), Joke Devynck (actress), Jan Hammenecker (actor), Tom Vermeir (actor), Ella Leyers (actress), Gilles De Schryver (actor), Delfine Bafort (actress)

-21:45 red carpet 'Blanco en Blanco' - Théo Court (director)

-22:00 red carpet ‘Öndög’ - Wang Quan’an (director)

Saturday, October 12:

-19:15 red carpet ‘Judy’ - Rupert Goold (director)

-19:30 red carpet ‘Ghost Tropic’ - Bas Devos (director), Saadia Bentaïeb (actress), Maaike Neuville (actress), Nora Dari (actress), Willy Thomas (actor), Cédric Luvuezo (actor), Stefan Gota (actor)

Sunday, October 13:

-16:45 red carpet ‘Kapsalon Romy’ - Mischa Kamp (director), Beppie Melissen (actress), Tamara Bos (writer)

-19:30 red carpet ‘Bait’ - Mark Jenkin (director)

-19:30 red carpet 'Papicha’ - Mounia Meddour (director), Shirine Boutella (actress), Lyna Khoudri (actress)

-19:50 red carpet ‘The Barefoot Emperor’ - Peter Brosens (director), Jessica Woodworth (director), Geraldine Chaplin (actress), Lucie Debay (actress), Peter Van den Begin (actor), Titus De Voogdt (actor), Bruno Georis (actor), Pieter van der Houwen (actor)

Monday, October 14:

-19:15 red carpet ‘Instinct’ - Halina Reijn (director), Carice van Houten (actress), Pieter Embrechts (actor)

-19:45 red carpet ‘War of the Worlds’ - Gilles Coulier (director), Emilie de Preissac (actress), Bayo Gbadamosi (actor), Paul Gorostidi (actor), Adel Bencherif (actor, David Martijn (soundtrack)

Tuesday, October 15:

-19:15 red carpet ‘De Twaalf’ - Wouter Bouvijn (director), Bert Van Dael (showrunner), Sanne Nuyens (showrunner), Maaike Cafmeyer (actress), Maaike Neuville (actress), Zouzou Ben Chikha (actress), Charlotte De Bruyne (actress), Tom Vermeir (actor), Piet De Praitere (actor), Peter Gorissen (actor)

-21:30 red carpet ‘Douze Mille’ i.a.v. Nadège Trebal (director), Arieh Worthalter (actor)

Wednesday, October 16:

-19:15 red carpet ‘Little Joe' - Jessica Hausner (director)

-19:30 red carpet 'And Then We Danced’ - Levan Akin (director), Levan Gelbakhiani (actor)

-19:45 red carpet ‘The Whistlers’ - Corneliu Porumboiu (director)

Thursday, October 17:

-19:30 red carpet ‘Cleo’ - Eva Cools (director), Anna Franziska Jäger (actress), Roy Aernouts (actor), Natali Broods (actress), Lucie Debay (actress)

-19:50 red carpet ‘Sorry We Missed You’ - Debbie Honeywood (actress)

Friday, October 18:

-19:15 red carpet closing film 'The Mustang' - Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (director), Matthias Schoenaerts (actor)

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