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Mia Hansen-Løve will attend FFG2022 for 'Un beau matin', the FFG On Tour on 18.10

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News 10 Oct 2022
Critically acclaimed French director Mia Hansen-Løve will personally introduce her latest film Un beau matin to Ghent audiences on Saturday 22 October at Film Fest Gent. A few days earlier, on 18 October, Film Fest Gent will take Un beau matin to theatres all over Flanders for the monthly FFG On Tour.


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Screenings Un beau matin during FFG2022

  • Mo 10.10 - 13:45 - Kinepolis 6
  • Sa 22.10 - 10:00 - Kinepolis 3 (with Mia Hansen-Løve)

For her eighth film, Mia Hansen-Løve approached star actress Léa Seydoux. Together they made a sensitive portrait of a young mother and widow who begins a passionate relationship with an old boyfriend, while trying to cope with her increasingly frail, demented father.

Un beau matin
is the portrait of Sandra, a young widow and mother, at a tipping point in her life. Struggling with the repercussions of caring for her father, a retired philosophy professor suffering from a rare form of dementia, she is simultaneously experiencing a renaissance in love. Sandra lives with her infant daughter in a small Parisian studio and believes her love life is over. Until she runs into Clément, an old friend, and begins a passionate affair.

Bond girl, body horror muse, troubled media icon ... French star actress Léa Seydoux has recently added a very diverse palette of characters to her career. But the role of deadbeat mother in filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve's return to her native Paris is perhaps her most moving. Hansen-Løve has spent the past decade building a body of work that is full of the complexities of everyday life. Whether it is childhood love in Un amour de jeunesse, a cheated and grieving teacher in L'avenir or the worries of an artistic couple in Bergman Island, the French filmmaker's cinema is always sensitive, (bitterly) sweet, relatable and full of empathy. "I only film characters for whom I feel empathy, whatever their weaknesses may be," she had it recorded following her latest tranche de vie".

On Tour-screenings

  • Flagey | 18.10 - 20:00
  • Leietheater | 18.10 - 20:00
  • CC Jan Tervaert | 18.10 - 20:15
  • Cinema Zed (Leuven) | 18.10 - 19:30
  • Cinema Zed (Hasselt) | 18.10 - 20:00
  • CC Zoetegem | 18.10 - 20:00

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