Jean-Luc Godard lives on at 49th edition Film Fest Gent: two films on FFG programme

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News 13 Sep 2022
Monsieur le cinéma is no more. Jean-Luc Godard, the legendary director behind iconic films such as À bout de souffle (1960), Le mépris (1963) and Pierrot le fou (1965) has died at the age of 91. The body of work he leaves behind is immense, and above all: immortal. Moreover, the oeuvre made about the greatest modernist in cinema is, if anything, even greater. The 49th edition of Film Fest Gent therefore presents two brand new works about Godard: À vendredi, Robinson (Mitra Farahani) and Godard seul le cinéma (Cyril Leuthy).

Jean-Luc Godard's importance as a rebellious iconoclast can hardly be overestimated. Together with François Truffaut, he was at the cradle of the French nouvelle vague, a wave that marked a caesura in film history and not only honoured Hollywood directors, but also influenced them. À bout de souffle (1960) threw out all the rules and made a star out of Jean-Paul Belmondo. Godard has always remained a radical filmmaker. Even in 2014, he managed to give the art of film a new twist, with the cryptic 3D film Adieu au langage. More than a filmmaker, he was also a militant, an intellectual and someone who spent his whole life idolising alternative political movements. But above all, he told his truth - cinema - in 24 frames per second.

In 1985, for the very first time, Film Fest Gent organised a film competition dedicated to "the influence of music on film". Jean Luc-Godard, with his own version of a film noir, Détective, won the prize for the best score (the forerunner of the Georges Delerue Award).

FFG2022 screens two films about JLG

No one breathed more cinema than Jean-Luc Godard, which is why Film Fest Gent presents two brand new films about the filmmaker in the 'Artists on Film' programme section.

À vendredi Robinson

À vendredi, Robinson
by Mitra Farahani is not only a reevaluation of forgotten Iranian writer and director Ebrahim Golestan, but also a tribute to Godard. Golestan would initially meet JLG at a film festival in the 1960s, but ultimately their paths would never cross. At the request of documentary filmmaker Mitra Farahani, the two men then started a correspondence several years ago. They exchanged weekly e-mails: Golestan sent mostly text, Godard sent photos, films and cryptic quotes. Farahani filmed this exchange and the result is as elusive as a Godard film.

Godard seul le cinéma

Whatever the subject of a Godard film, in the end they were all about the same thing: cinema. Cyril Leuthy's documentary Godard seul le cinéma is an illuminating portrait of one of cinema's masters. He charts JLG's particularly erratic trajectory - since his debut À bout de souffle. Godard speaks exclusively through archive material, but Leuthy interviews a select group of connoisseurs. From biographers to former collaborators, such as actress Nathalie Baye.

On Tuesday 18.10, À vendredi, Robinson and Godard seul le cinéma will be screened as a double bill, followed by a talk with among others Patrick Duynslaegher on the work and life of Jean-Luc Godard.