08 19 Oct '24

Focus on France at the 41st edition of Film Fest Gent

08 May 2014
The 41st edition of Film Fest Gent (14-25 October 2014) is focusing on French cinema. The annually recurring sections will be complemented by a separate one-off section dedicated to recent French films (as was the case last year with American Independent Cinema). However, this doesn’t mean that French films won’t also feature in the other festival sections (Competition, Galas & Previews, Classics, Out of the Box and Artists on Film). French directors and actors have been invited to present their latest films to the festival audience. The programme also includes debates, Q&As, director talks and meetings with French film professionals. We are collaborating closely with UniFrance and, of course, with Belgian distributors for the development of the programme and the invitation of talented French film professionals. Click here for additional info.

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