European Film Music Concert in World Premiere in Berlin

28 Oct 2005
The First European Film Concert will take place in Berlin on Friday December 2nd. This is a joint organization of the World Soundtrack Academy from the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent and the European Film Academy. Topcomposers as Gabriel Yared, Zbigniew Preisner and Maurice Jarre will carry this concert skyhigh.
The First European Film Music Concert is the result of a intensive and successful collaboration between the World Soundtrack Academy, founded in 2001 by the Flanders International Film Festival-Ghent, and the European Film Academy, the driving force from 1989 on, backing the European Film Awards. The idea behind this concert, the night before the European Film Awards (December 3, in Berlin) is to draw the attention towards European Filmmusic Composers and their Music. The Vlaams Radio Orkest (VRO), also present at the European Film Awards, will act as the symphonic orchestra, under Dirk Brossé's direction. Topcomposers who will be present: Bruno Coulais (European Film Award for Best Music 2004 for Les Choristes), Gabriel Yared (The English Patient), George Fenton (Land & Freedom), Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love), Alberto Iglesias (Hable con Ella), Frédéric Devreese (Benvenuta), Dirk Brossé (Daens) and Zbigniew Preisner (Trois Couleurs Bleu Blanc Rouge). The Guest of Honor of the First European Film Music Concert is Maurice Jarre (Lawrence of Arabia). The composers invited at the European Film Music Concert in the Volksbühne in Berlin, on December 2, are these who wrote the scores for movies that played an essential part in the history of the European Film Academy and who were already invited at the Filmfestival in Ghent. The same concert with music from the same composers will take place in Ostend (Kursaal) on December 11 (4pm) where Maurice Jarre will be present, since an important tribute will be given to his lifetime work. Info and tickets for the Ostend concert on December 11th, can be obtained through: Info: 059/32.00.12 - Tickets: Bespreekbureau Kursaal Oostende, Monacoplein - - 070/22.56.00 (Cat 1: €42, Cat 2: €36, Cat 3: €30)