De Bloedbruiloft (War Moon): the Closing Film of the Ghent Film Festival's 32n

03 Sep 2005
De Bloedbruiloft, (War Moon) Dominique Deruddere's latest movie after "Lune De Guerre" from Hermann & Van Hamme, will make the closing night of The International Film Festival Flanders-Ghent's 32nd Edition (October 11-October 22). The movie will be screened at the Kinepolis Complex, October 22nd.
War Moon is the story of a wedding party that ends tragically and were different groups of people are involved from Saturday noon till Sunday dawn: the newly weds and their family, the restaurant owner and his associates, and the other customers, witness and victims of an incredible war that will explode between the newly weds and the restaurant owners gang. De Bloedbruiloft is a tragicomedy filled with suspense and humor! Dominique Deruddere and Jean Van Hamme's script is based on 'Lune De Guerre' a comic strip from Hermann & Van Hamme. Hermann Huppen is the cartoonist of Jeremiah a.o. and Jean Van Hamme is the scriptwriter of Thorgal, Largo Winch and XIII. The movie is a coproduction MMG (De Zaak Alzheimer, Flikken), Typhoon and Fanes Films (Das Experiment). Dominique Deruddere's directorial debut took place in 1987 with the feature film Crazy Love (aka Love is a Dog from Hell). This first movie, after an idea of Charles Bukowki, granted him worldwide recognition. In 1989 he directed Wait Until Spring Bandini with Faye Dunaway and Ornella Mutti. Suite 16(1994), Hombres Complicados (1997) and Pour le Plaisir (2003, where his following movies. In 2001 he was nominated with an Oscar for the Best Foreign Movie with Iedereen Beroemd.