08 19 Oct '24

A concert like you've never seen one before

19 Oct 2010
'Intangible States' is an audiovisual performance by post-rock electronica duo Stray Dogs and Swiss video artist Legoman (Yannick Jacquet), known for his work with the AntiVJ collective. His visuals offer more than just a nice setting, and actually interact with the music and the musicians. 'Intangible States' will be a concert like you've never seen one before. Vooruit programmer Wim Wabbes: "The scene on stage is just overwhelming (and also amazing from a technical point of view). The two Stray Dogs are seated between 100 cardboard boxes that are used as tv screens and on which Legoman project images that seem taken from a road movie... It all results in a kaleidoscopic effect" Stray Dogs ft. Legoman - Intangible States Wed 20 Oct postrock / electronica

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