1990 - 17th Internationaal Filmgebeuren van Vlaanderen-Gent

Roger Daltrey Chesney Hawkes Buddys Song
In pictures 10 Oct 1990
For the 17th time, from 10 to 20 October 1990, the International Flanders Film Festival is organized in Ghent. This year, the emphasis lies on the films themselves, more perhaps than in the past editions. The festival’s concern has been to compile a programme of quality films from all over the world.This year’s focus is UK and Ireland, with films such as Bearskin, Vincent and Theo, Diary Of A Sane Man and Chicago Joe and the Showgirl. The opening film is Ju Dou by Zhang Yimou and Yang Feng-Liang, the closing film is Ghost by Jerry Zucker. The pre-opening film is Henry & June by Philip Kaufman. There's also a unique exhibition on 25 years of film in Flanders in the St. Pieters Abbey in Ghent.