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Thorsten Näter

Zeit der Stille

Edition 1987
82' - 1986 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Thorsten Näter With: Irina Hoppe, Pavel Sacher, Günther Ehlert
Zeit der Stille is set in Berlin during the Christmas period. It is the story of Stefan, who loses his job, and Johanna, the nurse abandoned by her boyfriend. Both roam the city, have fleeting acquaintances, but do not meet although their paths cross again and again. Zeit der Stille is the story of a journey through a cityscape at a time when everything is calming down and everyone is waiting while the supermarkets try to fire up people's urge to buy. Zeit der Stille is a film without dialogues and conversations. It is a ride through day-to-day city life, complete with loneliness.

A vendor in Muellerstrasse donates to whoever sings a Christmas song. In a cafeteria, old people sip their coffee and try to keep their warm place for as long as possible. Pure solitude. But after a while, it turns out that no one is really alone there: everyone knows everyone among these habitués. Moreover, in this cafeteria of a warehouse, one is less lonely than at home: one obseves, one participates. In the " Poppen " café, everyone drinks for themselves but when there is laughter or shouting, a group suddenly emerges. And when one falls there is always someone to pick him up: as more often when one thinks that in a certain place everyone falls back on themselves, there turns out to be more help and helpers present than in places where everyone imagines themselves as socially intact. Zeit der Stille is a film about the courage of the lonely, about the movement to drive out the cold and the gaze that seeks other gazes. In the midst of this field of glances and desires, Stefan and Johanna move to eventually end up back at their point of departure. (vrij naar persmap)

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De5ed061 bec9 4b04 b999 b9335417891d



Thorsten Näter


Irina Hoppe, Pavel Sacher, Günther Ehlert


Thorsten Näter, Nino Jacusso

Director of Photography

Peter van den Reek


Thorsten Näter


Hans Kutnewsky, Thorsten Näter

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West Germany



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