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Salmaan Peerzada

Zar Gul (Golden Rose)

190' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: Pushto, Urdu, English
Director: Salmaan Peerzada Composer: Roger White With: Faryal Gohar, Talat Hussain, Jamil Malik, Imraan Peerzada, Steve Masty
“Golden Rose” is a political action drama and a love story. It was shot largely on location, exploiting to the full Pakistan’s panoramic scenery of mountains, deserts, plains and all the colour and detail of its communities, from small rural villages to busy, crowded cities. It is the story of a contemporary folk hero, a successful businessman who becomes an outlaw, a champion of the people, who risks his life to fight injustice, and who, by example gives the poor and the oppressed the courage to stand up for their rights and challenge a system so imbued with corruption at every level that the law becomes impotent. The contradictions of a modern Third World country are reflected in the clash between Zar Gul’s individual morality and the rampant greed and hypocrisy of some political and religious leaders.

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Salmaan Peerzada


Roger White


Faryal Gohar, Talat Hussain, Jamil Malik, Imraan Peerzada, Steve Masty


Salmaan Peerzada

Director of Photography

Aftab Ahmad


Miranda Watts


Usmaan Peerzada

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Pushto, Urdu, English

Countries of production

Pakistan, United Kingdom



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