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Isaac Julien

Young Soul Rebels

Edition 1991
105' - 1991 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Isaac Julien Composer: Simon Boswell With: Valentine Nonyela, Mo Sesay, Dorian Healy
Wherever you are, being young, black, homosexual and poor isn't exactly an easy situation to live with. But in England, this situation is nearly a total nightmare, in a country where violence is on the rise, where the poor are excluded, where racism and discrimination are rampant. The year is 1977, and the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth is being celebrated. Chris and Caz are old friends. Chris is gay, Caz isn't but the two men follow their dream: to have their own radio station where they can finally play soul, the music they love. lf being homosexual doesn't prevent professional opportunities, the color of one's skin will.

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Isaac Julien


Simon Boswell


Valentine Nonyela, Mo Sesay, Dorian Healy


Paul Hallam, Isaac Julien, Derrick Saldaan McClintock

Director of Photography

Nina Kellgren


John Wilson


Nadine Marsh-Edwards

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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