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Jianjun He

Youchai (Postman)

Edition 1995
102' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Jianjun He With: Yuanzheng Feng, Danni Liang, Jue Chen
The introvert Xiaodou works for the post office in peking. One day he has to take over the route of apostmant who has beensacked for no obvious reason. The area is promisingly called Xingfu, "the district of happiness." There he meets an old man who tells him that the previous postman was arrested because he read everyone's post. Xiaodou gets an ominous premonition. At the post office he then meets Yunqing, a young and inconspicuous girl. She amuses herself by guessing the contents of letters from the handwriting on the envelope and the kind of envelope used.

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Jianjun He


Yuanzheng Feng, Danni Liang, Jue Chen


Jianjun He, Ni You

Director of Photography

Di Wu


Xiaojing Liu


Kei Shu, Yan Tian

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Countries of production

Hong Kong, China



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