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Pål Sletaune

You Really Got Me (Amatorene)

Edition 2001
95' - 2001 - Crime, Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Norwegian
Director: Pål Sletaune Composer: Jørn Christensen With: Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Philip Zandén, Bjørn Sundquist
Jan is the pitiful owner of a drab hamburger restaurant that no one ever enters. His companion, Helle, is fed up with his incurable optimism that it will someday make a fortune. When she finds out that Jan has invested her whole inheritance in refurbishing the joint she blows her lid and moves out. Bent and Grete are going to an awards ceremony during which Bent’s band is to receive a prestigious music award. During the ceremony, the charismatic lead singer Iver Mo seduces Grete and she leaves Bent to spend the night with Iver Mo. Meanwhile, Rolf and Robert, two incompetent ‘hit-men’ are getting ready for what appears to be an ordered kidnapping. These six pathetic but noble characters will cross paths over the next 48 hours in ways that are unexpected, tragic and downright hilarious! (press kit)

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Pål Sletaune


Jørn Christensen


Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Philip Zandén, Bjørn Sundquist


Pål Sletaune, Jonny Halberg

Director of Photography

Kjell Vassdal


Pål Gengenbach


Turid Øverseen

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