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Joan Chen

Xiu Xiu - The Sent Down Girl

100' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Joan Chen Composer: Johnny Chen With: Lu Lu, Lopsang, Gao Jie
The scene is China in 1975 during the final stages of the Cultural Revolution. Xiu Xiu, the daughter of a tailor living in Chengdu, is sent to the countryside as part of the “People's Education” programme. She is one of the last of roughly seven-and-a-half million “young intellectuals” who have served the revolution in this way; however, the purpose of these measures have long since become unclear and redundant. Xiu Xiu’s task is to look after a herd of horses for six months and then lead a mounted women's battalion; what the authorities have neglected to tell her is that these battalions were dissolved long ago and that nobody will be sent to fetch her from this desolate location.

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Joan Chen


Johnny Chen


Lu Lu, Lopsang, Gao Jie


Geling Yan, Joan Chen

Director of Photography

Yue Lü


Ruby Yang


Joan Chen, Allison Lui, Cecile Shah Tsuei

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Countries of production

United States of America, China

Screenplay based on

"Tian Yu" (Yan Geling)



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