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Li Yin

Xinghua san yue tian (The Story of Xinghua)

Edition 1994
90' - 1994 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Li Yin Composer: Weiguang Liu With: Wenli Jiang, Xingli Niu, Shaojun Tian
Set in a remote village at the ruins of the Great Wall in Northern China, The Story of Xinghua is an allegorical drama about life in reformist China today. Under the free enterprise system, grocer Wanglai has made a fortune hawking stones from the Great Wall and cheating on customers. His 5000-yuan wife Xinghua is abused and humiliated when she cannot bear him an heir. Despite warnings from the village elder Wanglai leads the dig for the legendary treasure buried under the Great Wall. Meanwhile Xinghua has fallen in love with the idealistic Fulin who only turns out to be another conformist and coward beneath his progressive exterior.

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Li Yin


Weiguang Liu


Wenli Jiang, Xingli Niu, Shaojun Tian


Ling Shi

Director of Photography

Jianguo Li


Emily Yi-Ming Liu, Lubo Zhang

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