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Fina Torres

Woman on Top

92' - 2000 - Fantasy, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Portuguese, English
Director: Fina Torres Composer: Luis Bacalov With: Penélope Cruz, Murilo Benício, Harold Perrineau
Love, sex, and food combine in this sensuous romantic comedy. Chef Isabella (Penelope Cruz) suffers from severe motion sickness, requiring her to be in control of her movements at all times. This need extends to the bedroom, but her boyfriend Tonino (Murilo Benicio) doesn't like to make love in the fashion suggested by the title. When Isabella discovers Tonino in bed with another woman, she leaves for America, where, with the help of a cross-dressing friend (Harold Perrineau Jr.), she becomes a star as the host of a TV cooking show. ‘Woman on Top’ was the first American film from Venezuelan director Fina Torres. (Mark Deming)

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Fina Torres


Luis Bacalov


Penélope Cruz, Murilo Benício, Harold Perrineau


Vera Blasi

Director of Photography

Thierry Arbogast


Leslie Jones


Alan Poul

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Portuguese, English

Countries of production

United States of America, Brazil



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