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Marcelo Piñeyro

Wild Horses (Caballos salvajes)

Edition 1996
122' - 1995 - Crime, Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Marcelo Piñeyro Composer: Andrés Calamaro, León Gieco With: Héctor Alterio, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Dopazo
"Wild Horses" tells the story of four days in the life of 70-year-old José and 23-year-old Pedro. Nothing could seem to bring them together when they first meet, and nothing seems to break them apart from that moment on. On their way they meet Ana, a creature with no course or delusions. It is also the story of a robbery that is not a robbery, of a suitcase of money that belongs to no one, and of an impossible adventure. Chased by the police, the press, some hoodlums and most everyone they meet along the way, our three friends have chosen to risk it all and enjoy the fullness of their freedom. They are just the three of them for whom death and life change their meaning forever.

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Marcelo Piñeyro


Andrés Calamaro, León Gieco


Héctor Alterio, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Dopazo


Marcelo Piñeyro, Aída Bortnik

Director of Photography

Víctor González, Alfredo Mayo


Juan Carlos Macías


Natalio Koziner, Claudio Pustelnik

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