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Thierry Knauff, Antoine-Marie Meert

Wild Blue, notes à quelques voix (Wild blue - notes a quelques voix)

68' - 2000 - Documentary - Dialogue: Persian, German, French, English
Director: Thierry Knauff, Antoine-Marie Meert Composer: Les Maîtres-Tambours du Burundi With: Joan Leighton, Neela Bhagwat, Charlene Alenga
This experimental film examines the physical and emotional effect of violence as it is seen through the eyes of women around the world, ranging from a Irish mother explaining the use of ‘knee-capping’ by the IRA to an Arabic woman describing how war and terrorism has impacted her country. Each woman who narrates uses her own native tongue, with nine languages represented on the soundtrack. While the film does not feature an original score, the Master Drummers of Burundi appear in one sequence. (Mark Deming)

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Thierry Knauff, Antoine-Marie Meert


Les Maîtres-Tambours du Burundi


Joan Leighton, Neela Bhagwat, Charlene Alenga


Thierry Knauff

Director of Photography

Antoine-Marie Meert


Michèle Hubinon, Thierry Knauff, Luc Plantier


Thierry Knauff, Luc Plantier

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Persian, German, French, English

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