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Arnon Zadok

White night (Layla lavan)

Edition 1996
92' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Hebrew
Director: Arnon Zadok Composer: Arik Rudich With: Shalom Shmuelov, Sharon Alexander, Idan Alterman
Based on a best-selling novel written by a convicted prisoner, this is the story of Charlie who attempts to kick his drug habit. He is helped by a fellow prisoner, Shlomo, and several prison service personnel who support him throughout his long ordeal. Charlie's arduous route to cleanliness becomes spiritual as well as purely physical. A first time offender, who finds himself imprisoned with serious drug users and dealers, Charlie discovers strength and fortitude he didn't know he had. Through courage and faith, he vows to stay sane and alive. Friendship, betrayal and idéologies relationship play simultaneously in this remarkable story of suppressed and emotionally defeated inmates who seem to have lost the will to live.

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Arnon Zadok


Arik Rudich


Shalom Shmuelov, Sharon Alexander, Idan Alterman


Yosh Halevi, Yoav Halevy, Arnon Zadok

Director of Photography

Ofer Harari


Zohar M. Sela, Danny Shick


Doron Eran, Arnon Zadok

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Charlie is clean" (Shlomo Kfir)



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