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Ari Folman

Where is Anne Frank (10+)

Edition 2021
99' - 2021 - Historical, Animated film - Dialogue: Dutch, French, English
Director: Ari Folman Composer: Ben Goldwasser, Karen O. With: Emily Carey, Ruby Stokes

Ari Folmans visionary and kids-friendly update of the story of Anne Frank focuses on Kitty, the imaginary friend in Anne's Diary.

Kitty, the imaginary girl to whom Anne Frank wrote her famous diary, comes to life in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Her memories reawakened by reading the diary, believing that if she's alive, Anne must be alive as well, she sets out on a quest to find Anne. We follow Kitty as she travels across Europe and back to Anne Frank’s time, armed with the precious book, in search of her beloved friend…
"Waltz with Bashir director Ari Folman turns Frank's imaginary friend Kitty into a ghost on the run in Amsterdam. (...) A kind of fantasy reboot, reading the story through a contemporary lens and giving it a kind of YA identity." - The Guardian

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Ari Folman


Ben Goldwasser, Karen O.


Emily Carey, Ruby Stokes


Ari Folman

Director of Photography

Tristan Oliver


Nili Feller


Ari Folman, Jani Thiltges, Alexander Rodnyansky


Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben, Bruno Felix, Jean Labadie, Samuel Feller

Production studios

Purple Whale Films, Walking the Dog, Samsa Film, Bridgit Folman Film Gang, Submarine, Magellan, Le Pacte



More information


Dutch, French, English

Countries of production

Belgium, Israël, The Netherlands, France, Luxemburg

Screenplay based on

Dagboek van Anne Frank




Ari Folman
Saint Clara (1996), Made in Israel (2001), Waltz with Bashir (2008), The Congress (2013)

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