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Elene Naveriani

Wet Sand

Officiële Selectie – In Competitie 115' - 2021 - Drama - Dialogue: Georgian - Format: DCP
Director: Elene Naveriani With: Bebe Sesitashvili, Gia Agumava, Megi Kobaladze
A village at the Georgian Black Sea with friendly people believing to know each other.
A village at the Georgian Black Sea with friendly people believing to know each other. One day, Eliko is found hanged; his granddaughter Moe comes to organize his funeral. She is confronted with a web of lies and the tragic consequences of Eliko’s hidden love life with Amnon over the last 22 years. The truth however frees Moe’s capability to love and provokes the villagers to take a stand.
Wet Sand is Elene Naveriani’s second feature and, beyond its craft and structure, playfully blends genres without losing a clear auteurist voice. The movie is full of comedic touches that tip their hat to Karismaki's deadpan humor while delivering a sincere song of love amidst the brutish noises of judgment.” - Variety

“An invigorating yet melancholy hymn to diversity revolving around a cathartic investigation into a refused identity. Along the lines of a Pedro Almodóvar film, both heartbreaking and brave, Naveriani’s second feature film pulls at our heartstrings, confronting us with a Georgian society which scoffs at human rights, especially in relation to the LGBTQ+ community.” - Cineuropa

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Elene Naveriani


Bebe Sesitashvili, Gia Agumava, Megi Kobaladze


Elene Naveriani, Sandro Naveriani

Director of Photography

Agnesh Pakozdi


Aurora Vögeli


Ketie Danelia, Brigitte Hofer, Cornelia Seitler

Production studios

Maximage GmbH

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Countries of production

Georgia, Switzerland




Elene Naveriani
Gospel of Anasyrma (short, 2014), I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (2017), Lantsky Papa's stolen ox (short, 2018), Red Ants Bite (short, 2019)

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