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Martin Sulik

Vsetko co mam rad (Everything I Like)

Edition 1994
90' - 1993 - Drama - Dialogue: Czech, Slovak
Director: Martin Sulik Composer: Vladimir Godar With: Juraj Nvota, Gina Bellman, Zdena Studenková
Thomas (38) gets an offer from a young English woman to break out ·with her, so he can finally move out of the lethargy and insecurity in which he has sunk. Thomas is out of work and although he collects material regarding life stories of people he likes, he doesn't have enough inner motivation to bring it all to an end. And so it's just fragments of bizarre statements, which mix up with the tragicomical situations of his own life. Thomas falls into conflicts with his farmer -wife, he has to solve the insoluble problems of his teenage son. Even his aged parents expect help from him and so the escape with the young English woman seems to be the only way out.

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Martin Sulik


Vladimir Godar


Juraj Nvota, Gina Bellman, Zdena Studenková


Martin Sulik, Ondrej Sulaj

Director of Photography

Martin Strba


Dusan Milko


Rudolf Biermann

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Czech, Slovak

Countries of production

Slovak Republic



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