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Hiner Saleem

Vive la mariée... et la libération du Kurdistan

96' - 1998 - Comedy - Dialogue: Kurdish, French
Director: Hiner Saleem Composer: Hiner Saleem With: Georges Corraface, Marina Kobakhidze, Fatah Soltani
Cheto, a militant Kurd refugee living in Paris, has a relationship with Christine, a French woman. He decides to get married, but not to Christine. He wants a Kurd wife - young, pretty, patriotic and a virgin, brought up back home. He sends his friend to Kurdistan, equipped with a camera and a mission to film the potential wives-to-be. Cheto chooses and finds the girl of his dreams on the film. A whole party of friends and musicians head to the airport to welcome the chosen one. The last passenger to come out of the plane, is Mina. A short, chubby girl with a golden tooth. Cheto can't believe his eyes. “That's not his bride!” According to Kurd tradition, the oldest girl of the family is first to get married; so the family has “shipped” the eldest daughter.

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Hiner Saleem


Hiner Saleem


Georges Corraface, Marina Kobakhidze, Fatah Soltani

Director of Photography

Valerie Le Gurun


Anna Ruiz


Marc Ruscart

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Kurdish, French

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