09 20 Oct '24
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Srdjan Karanovic

Virdzina (Virgina)

101' - 1991 - Drama - Dialogue: Serbo-Croatian
Director: Srdjan Karanovic Composer: Zoran Simjanovic With: Miodrag Krivokapic, Marta Keler, Inka Gogálová
Until recently in a part of Yugoslavia, families without male children were thought to be cursed and doomed to die out. To palliate this curse, these families assigned to one of their daughters the role of 'Virgina'. This is the story of one such a child, born at the end of the 19th century near the Adriatic Sea. The village, crossroad of cultures and religions, is governed by superstitions and ancient habits. In a Serbian family, the father is convinced that a spell has been cast on him, as well as on his wife and two daughters: he cannot manage to have a son, and without one the durability of his name and blood cannot be.

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Ba406735 b1ac 42b3 80cc 5cb6f3dbca10



Srdjan Karanovic


Zoran Simjanovic


Miodrag Krivokapic, Marta Keler, Inka Gogálová


Srdjan Karanovic, Milosav Marinovic

Director of Photography

Slobodan Trninic


Branka Ceperac


Rajko Grlic, Mladen Koceic, Cédomir Kolar, Djordje Milojévic, Laudie Ossard

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Countries of production

Yugoslavia, France



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