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Robert Altman

Vincent and Theo

Director Robert Altman Composer Gabriel Yared Cast Tim Roth, Paul Rhys, Hans Kesting
Edition 1990
203' - 1990 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: English
Deciding that the church Is not for him, Vincent embarks on a career as a painter with the financial backing of his brother Theo, who works In Paris as an art dealer. Vincent rejects the idea of art school and learns to paint by observation. Meanwhile both brothers start relationships with prostitutes and both contract syphilis. Vincent joins his brother In Paris and meets Gauguin. He leaves for Arles where he will paint most of his major canvases. Gauguin joins him and they indulge in wine, women and brush strokes. Vincent's mental instability grows as he loses his grip on reality…

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Robert Altman


Gabriel Yared


Tim Roth, Paul Rhys, Hans Kesting


Julian Mitchell

Director of Photography

Jean Lepine


Françoise Coispeau, Geraldine Peroni


Luki Boeken

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Countries of production

Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France




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