09 20 Oct '24
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Yôichi Higashi

Village of dreams (Eno nakano bokuno mura)

112' - 1995 - Fantasy, Drama, Family - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Yôichi Higashi With: Mieko Harada, Keigo Matsuyama, Shogo Matsuyama
Seizo and Yukihiko Tashima are popular comic book writers who work independently of each other. Seizo, the younger of these twin brothers, has written a book about their common childhood in the country on which this film is loosely based. One late summer day, Seizo visits his brother's atelier. The two artists are to work on a new book together. It will be based on the idyllic childhood they spent in a tiny, rural village. Their drawings sweep us back to 1948, to a hamlet in the countryside of Kochi. The twins are in third grade; they love to draw but are also known as infamous brats in the neighbourhood for the pranks they play. They grapple with catfish in the river, chase birds in the woods, and slash vegetables stalks in neighbour's fields.

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Yôichi Higashi


Mieko Harada, Keigo Matsuyama, Shogo Matsuyama


Yôichi Higashi, Takehiro Nakajima, Seizo Tashima

Director of Photography

Yoshio Shimizu


Koshiro Sho, Tetsujirô Yamagami

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

E no naka no boku no mura (Tashima Seizo)



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