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Stijn Coninx

Verder dan de Maan

Edition 2003
108' - 2003 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Stijn Coninx Composer: Henny Vrienten With: Huub Stapel, Johanna ter Steege, Neeltje de Vree, Wim Opbrouck
It is 1969 and Man is about to set foot on the moon. Caro, an inquisitive 9-year-old girl living on a pig farm, can't believe such nonsense. Her religious father Mees is having difficulties of his own. Coping with modern-day technology and running a large household had driven him to drinking. Caro feels close to God and as she prepares diligently for her First Holy Communion, she makes a deal with her father. If he promises not to drink until her communion day, then in return she'll learn how to swim. But Mees can't keep her part of the bargain, and the day ends in disaster. Consequently, Caro starts doing extraordinary things beyond her controle while Mees falls into a state apathy...

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Stijn Coninx


Henny Vrienten


Huub Stapel, Johanna ter Steege, Neeltje de Vree, Wim Opbrouck


Jacqueline Epskamp

Director of Photography

Walther Vanden Ende


Ludo Troch


Els Vandevorst

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Countries of production

Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany




Stijn Coninx
Hector (1987), Koko Flanel (1990), Daens (1992), When the Light Comes (1998), Sea of Silence (2003), Ten Duinen (short, 2003), Visions of Europe (2004), To Walk Again (2007), Sister Smile (2009), Marina (2013), Ay Ramon! (2015), Niet Schieten (2018), Sinterklaas en de wakkere nachten (2018), Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas (2021)

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