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Max von Sydow

Ved vejen (Katinka)

96' - 1988 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Danish
Director: Max von Sydow Composer: Georg Riedel With: Tammi Øst, Ole Ernst, Kurt Ravn
‘Katinka’ is about resignation and love unfulfilled. It is a film filled with humour and irony as well as sadness. The story is based on a book by Herman Bang, a well-known Danish author. Katinka is married to the local stationmaster. She believes that she has a perfect marriage even though there have been no children in 10 years. A new overseer is engaged on a neatly estate. He makes friends with the stationmaster and falls in love with Katinka. Katinka does not realise that she too, is in love. She only knows that she is happy in his presence and that he understands all the things that her husband does not.

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Max von Sydow


Georg Riedel


Tammi Øst, Ole Ernst, Kurt Ravn

Director of Photography

Claus Loof, Sven Nykvist


Janus Billeskov Jansen


Bo Christensen

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Countries of production

Denmark, Sweden

Screenplay based on

"Ved vejen" (Herman Bang)



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